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Links to Nonprofit Resources

Links to resources to help you with nonprofit fundraising and management. Take advantage of the wealth of information and services that are available to you!

I am posting these links in the long form so people can see where they go before they click. Shortened URLs are great for aesthetics but you can’t see the link you’re going to. 

This list will grow as I slog through the 400 bookmarks in my browser. For individuals and links to arts related information, please visit my Artist Resources page. 

Link to Artist Resources:

The links will open in a different website and I cannot vouch for the information they provide. I do not endorse any of these agencies. Only websites that provide at least some free information or services are included here. 

I am making this site more accessible  so I’ve kept the real URLs to the links.

Grants Now part of Candid, also owns the Foundation Center. Imperative for fundraising to register with them. Claim your GuideStar profile and conduct grant research on their site.

Social Media and Fundraising

Amazon Smile Nonprofit Page

Amazon Smile Customer Page:

Facebook’s Nonprofit Information page:


Board Source: Education and development to build a stronger Board.

Management Help: A wealth of free information and learning opportunities.

TechSoup: Discounted hardware and software to 501 (c)3 nonprofits in the U.S.

Planned Giving

California Community Foundation has a resource page that helps national nonprofits.

They have a Planned Giving Toolkit that you can download and for free They offer a version that allows you to add your agency’s logo, also for free. If you’re local, they offer a service that manages investments and complex Planned Giving methods for you if you can meet their financial requirements.

Here’s the link to a PDF that describes it If you’re not local, there may be similar services offered by the community foundation in your area.  

Information & News for Nonprofits

Blue Avocado is an online magazine for nonprofits.