Auranel Productions

helping you share your message with the world

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We work with you to create story-based videos, vlogs, short video clips, including animated logos. We create “environmental portraiture” style portraits and program pictures, headshots, and product photos that showcase you and your products. We can create social media templates such as Instagram carousels and stories, and design other types of social media posts that match your branding, such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Why We’re Different

With over 15 years experience as a professional fundraiser for a nonprofit agency, we understand the craft of storytelling, know how to showcase your expertise, and are able to craft your message into an impactful video at an affordable price.

For example, we recently made a 30-second Facebook fundraising video for a nonprofit. Due to circumstances beyond their control, we couldn’t use some of the shots we planned to use so it wasn’t fancy. But by applying basic fundraising techniques on the video, they more than tripled the amount of money previously raised on Facebook fundraisers.

We are available to teach you how to make your own live videos if you are interested, as all of your videos do not have to be professionally produced. In fact, people love live videos!