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This page is created to help small to mid-size nonprofits raise funds more effectively. All materials are provided as information-only and are free for you to use and download.

Please consult with your board, accountants, and attorneys as needed.

I retain the copyright, so if you use it professionally (for example if you are a consultant) please make the proper attribution: Laura O’Neal.

I am not personally responsible nor is Auranel Productions responsible for how you choose to use the materials provided. It is presented as information only, with no guarantees of outcomes or revenue.

I am not an accountant or an attorney. These are materials I created for  the nonprofits I worked with. The budgets are modified versions from several nonprofits I worked with.

This page is based on my 20+ years experience as a full-time professional fundraising employee for nonprofits agencies. It also reflects the extensive formal and informal education I have received for fundraising, including a Certification in Fundraising from UCLA Extension, 10 years’ involvement in the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Los Angles Chapter (five years on the Board, one as Secretary on the Executive Committee).

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