Video Production

Starting at $750

The cost of a video depends on the type of video that best suits your needs. We are a boutique video production company with a low overhead so we can keep our costs down.

Story based videos have the greatest impact because humans are literally wired for stories. We relax when we’re watching or listening to a story. Stories touch us emotionally, and a common saying is “move the heart to move the mind.”

Some examples of types of videos (and stories) are below. 

Explainer Videos

These videos are a quick and easy way to explain what your organization is about. It’s also more effective than website text because people don’t want to spend time reading. If they see that your video is less than 90 seconds, more than half will watch it.

Google ranks web pages that have videos higher than those without.

Many explainer videos are animated, but that is more expensive than a traditional video (shot with a camera). 

How to make it work for you: address your target customer’s “pain points” and give your solution. 

Story Based Videos

There are a lot of different kinds of story based videos. Here is a brief summary of the most common stories that businesses and nonprofits tell:

Your Origin Story

What made you decide to take this life path? What excites you about it? How good do you feel about being able to help people? What is your vision for the future?

Your "Why" Story

Why you do what you do – why you chose this particular path. Why your business or agency matters – if it matters to you it will matter to others.

Your Values Story

What are your values and how does that impact your customers and the products or services you provide?

Your Impact Story

Client testimonial, in a story format, about the impact your company or agency had on them.

Objections Story

An opportunity to address a common objection that your business faces. It is not very common, but if used correctly, it can be a powerful answer to an objection. This can be turned into a client testimonial.

Potential Story

Tell your customers or clients what types of outcomes they can expect if they use your product or service. 

Challenge Story

Generally used for internal training and morale boosting. How you’ve tried, failed, struggled and succeeded on a subject or project. How you’ve helped others face challenges. 

Your Vision Story

Where you’re headed – your dream for the future of your company or agency.

Cautionary Story

Internal training stories such as safety videos or stories that show people what happens when rules are broken.

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