Family Legacy and Memorial Videos

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Family Legacy and Memorial Videos

Starting at $1,250.

We specialize in nonprofit videos, but I’ve made them as part of my position as a Director of Development for a nonprofit agency. The main difference between family legacy videos and memorial videos is that there are usually a lot of pictures that require editing. Also, family members and friends might need to be interviewed.

Family legacy videos can be used to show the family history to future generations – something of particular interest to people in a variety of fields: performers, artists, politicians, researchers, or anyone who has a message to leave to future generations in their families.

Memorial videos typically consist of a series of photographs and video clips, set to music. We typically scan in old photographs and news articles on a professional scanner (Epson V800), We also photograph memorabilia, locations, and other items of interest to the family. These are organized to tell a story, or mini-stories of a person’s life. Memorial videos are primarily used for funerals. They can also be used for memorial websites and can be shared with loved ones who could not attend the memorial or funeral service.

Please note that not all old photographs can be restored to perfection but we will do our best! If you are scanning your pictures in yourself, or if you’re having a friend scan them, please be sure the pictures are scanned in at a high resolution – at least 300 dpi.

We will deliver a 3 – 5 minute story-based video and all of the “assets,” meaning pictures, video clips, and music licenses. One person crew. This is a great way to preserve your family history in a story or for use in a memorial or funeral service when there are a lot of pictures or video clips.

We will scan 25 pictures at this price; light photo retouching is also included. Old video clips are fragile and we recommend taking those to a professional service, such as Costco, which will convert them to a digital file that we can work with. Sorry, we cannot take the risk of converting your tapes.

Because each family’s needs are different, we offer a general base starting price for shooting interviews and story creation.

Photo Restoration & Retouching

The image on the left has a green hue, which clashed with all the other pictures. Getting somewhere close to similar skin tones is of the most challenging parts of photo retouching. For more information, please visit the Photo Retouching page.