Pricing & Packages

  • The starting prices listed below reflect the amount of time and gear it takes to produce an impactful but relatively simple version of each product. 
  • Starting prices are for a one-person crew. Additional crew members will cost extra. 
  • Prices are on a “per project” basis.
  • Each category is on a separate web page so you can see the full description and samples. 
  • These packages are to be used as a starting point, as everyone’s needs and desires are different. 
  • Substitutions, mixes & mashups are fine but may affect the prices listed below.
  • Each project is different; some require a significant amount of labor; others require less, so these are general base prices.
  • Each category is a link to the full description with samples. Opens in a new window

Let’s Connect

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available from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Address:   PO Box 4367, Culver City, CA 90231  


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