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Each video is different, and each shoot has different needs, but in general:

  • First, we’ll discuss what you would like or need, and how we could deliver that to you at a price you’re comfortable with. There are  ways to save you money, for example, by shooting enough footage (interviews and b-roll) to create content that can be used on a variety of platforms. You don’t want to post the exact same video on your website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. If you are promoting yourself, your business, or a cause, or the videos should present the same message for continuity, while being different enough so it looks like each message is tailored for each medium.  
  • Second, if you want a story based video, we’ll determine if we need to pre-interview people to see who might have the best story for your organization, and discuss location(s) for footage. We’ll work to get the most impactful story we can for you.
  • Third, we’ll shoot the interviews and b-roll. 
  • Fourth, we’ll edit the video and submit it to you for approval and/or edits.
  • Fifth, once the final cut is approved, we’ll give it (or them) in the formats we previously agreed upon so you can distribute it.

The prices listed are not “teaser” starting prices; they are what you could normally expect to spend if you purchase the service or package as described. Possible add-ons and the costs are described in each category.

The prices listed are not “teaser” starting prices; they are what you could normally expect to spend if you purchase the service or package as described. Possible add-ons and the costs are described in each category.

We are committed to giving you a video(s) that you love. We will do our best to adhere to the general direction or story that we agreed on prior to filming. This ensures that video(s) are in line with what you wanted.

We keep you informed and show you samples to make sure you’re satisfied. 

The industry standard is for clients to have the opportunity to make one major edit and one minor edit, which is included in the price.

Additional edits incur additional fees because edits can go on forever, particularly if people do not plan well in advance. 

You may already have a series of topics in mind. In this case, we can decide how to get the most interesting b-roll for your vlog series. 

If you are unsure about what you’d like for a vlog series, we can discuss what you want to accomplish with it and ow best to make that happen. Then we’ll plan the series and give each video a title to help us stay on point.

We’ll discuss b-roll – how much you already have and how much we should shoot at your location. 

We will help you decide how to promote your video series on social media if you’d like. 

There will be extra footage in your interviews that won’t be used. We can turn this into short social media posts at our editing rate of $50 per hour, which will help you promote your video series and drive traffic to your website or event.

If you would like help promoting your video, such as paying for ads on Facebook and other social medial platforms, we can offer concrete suggestions. We can also help you plan a series of photos and videos for different social media platforms that are cost effective. 

You can cancel at any time during the process but you will be charged for the work that is done; for example, story creation, pre-interviews, video footage, and pictures scanned.

We understand that things come up and work needs to be rescheduled from time to time. Please let us know in a timely manner so we can adjust our schedule accordingly.

The deposit you made reserves a block of our time. We do not want to keep anyone’s deposit; however we cannot book another job during the time you reserved.

We will follow the schedule and rates below, depending on the amount of notice that you give us. Days and weeks are based on a typical business week, Monday – Friday.

3 weeks notice – 100% refund

2 weeks notice – 75% refund

1 week notice – 50% refund

4 days notice – 40% refund

3 days notice – 30% refund

2 days notice – 20% refund

1 days notice – 10% refund

Again, please contact us if an emergency arises and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

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